Gia Crovatin and Elizabeth Masucci

Gia Crovatin and Elizabeth Masucci

In The Meantime Productions

In 2016, friends and colleagues Gia Crovatin and Elizabeth Masucci founded In The Meantime Productions as a way to create content for themselves and others during downtime in their acting careers. Upon formation a factor of utmost importance to both Crovatin and Masucci was being able to showcase different realities of the female experience. Using these projects as a springboard, both women have the opportunity to grow as actors, while also allowing the exploration of wearing different creative hats. In addition, Crovatin and Masucci felt compelled to open up opportunities on their projects for cast and crew members to include more women, ethnic diversity, and people across the age spectrum. 


As artists, the most interesting part of the creative process is figuring out the 'why' behind people's thoughts and deeds. Across the genres of film, television, theatre, and new media content, In The Meantime seeks to tell stories that shed a light on the very human and honest ways we all try to justify our actions to others, and most importantly, to ourselves. 


GOOD LUCK (IN FARSI) was the perfect inaugural production for In The Meantime, as both Crovatin and Masucci (who appeared in the stage version in 2013) wanted to showcase the complex female dynamics, the inner workings of the entertainment industry, and substantive writing of the piece. In the film, themes of ambition, competition, and jealousy create interesting obstacles for the two actresses who are vying for the same role on a television show.